From my workshop, situated in the wild and beautiful Dumfries and Galloway, I aim to create instruments that both look and sound beautiful, to meet the high expectations of discerning musicians, and with the hope of inspiring beautiful music.

My work is of course hugely influenced by the classical Italian school but also very much by my contemporaries, as our craft has never before seen such high standards worldwide.

I make both new looking and antique finish instruments in a variety of models to suit different individuals needs. I am always happy to discuss a players requirements, from varnish colour to tone colour, and will happily undertake the challenge of making you your ideal instrument.

Some of the models I make:

1709 Viotti Stradivari violin
This model I usually antique, copying the varnish and other stylistic aspects of the original as closely as possible. This is the most impressive Stradivari I have seen and according to Alfred Hill there is “none more beautiful or possessed of finer tonal qualities!”

1745 Leduc Guarneri ‘del Gesu’ violin
This one I also make as an antiqued instrument, aiming to capture the spontaneity and sheer audacity of the original. It was one of the last violins ‘del Gesu’ made and was possibly even finished by his widow, according to some experts, as ‘del Gesu’ died in 1744. it is extreme in every way with the longest ff holes, the meanest scroll, and high arching that’s been heavily worked in the flanks. Played by Henryk Szeryng it sounds amazing.

Andrea Guarneri 1690 viola
This wonderfully proportioned viola was lent to the RAM and for a while was part of their permanent collection. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to study it while it was there as it has now been returned to it’s owners and is no longer in the public domain.

Douglas MacArthur
Commissioning an instrument